Re: [ISN] Want to See Some Really Sick Art?

From: Jay D. Dyson (jdysonat_private)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 08:01:19 PDT

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    On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, InfoSec News wrote: 
    > Not everyone's buying this excuse. 
    > "If a thief leaves a note saying he's sorry, do we feel better? No," 
    > said Jason Catlett, the president of an anti-spam group called
    > Junkbusters, who has testified before Congress on Internet privacy
    > issues. "Doing things that are socially undesirable in the name of art
    > does not redeem the act." 
    	I think Mr. Catlett sorely missed the point here.  While I'm not
    sure that what the group is doing is "art," it's pretty apparent that
    their method of virus dissemination isn't imminently destructive.  Indeed,
    their virus dissemination isn't significantly different than what I've
    done via my web page of trojans, viruses and worms that I've collected
    over time.  (Of course, they probably do the distro with a little more
    finesse than I.)
    	Bottom line: if you make it clear what the user is downloading
    from the git-go (unlike the Anna Kournikova virus author), then the only
    element of destruction in the equation is User Stupidity.
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