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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 23:23:02 PDT

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    From AAP
    01 July 2001
    THE next big threat to Australia's national security could be from
    mousepads, not missiles, defence chief Admiral Chris Barrie said.
    Admiral Barrie said more than 30 countries had advanced and aggressive
    programs for waging cyberwar, and Australia was among the most
    vulnerable targets.
    "Many countries have programs to develop such technologies," he said
    "These various tools could be fully integrated into a suite of
    comprehensive attack options over the next decade and beyond.
    "It's estimated right now over 30 countries have developed aggressive
    computer warfare programs."
    Computer strikes could cripple national infrastructure as well as
    defence equipment, Admiral Barrie said, and could jeopardise physical
    military operations.
    "It's a very cheap and effective way to attack successfully valuable
    defence and non-defence assets," he said.
    "Cyberattacks will provide both state and non-state adversaries with
    new options against countries beyond mere words but short of actual
    physical attack.
    "In addition to national infrastructure adversaries will seek to
    attack military capabilities through electronic warfare."
    But Admiral Barrie said the proliferation of high-tech physical
    weapons was also a major threat.
    Speaking at a US-Australia conference on Asia-Pacific security, he
    said there was a worrying amount of weapons and military equipment
    being sold in the region without any regard to politics or ideology.
    "Some manufacturing countries are selling weapons to customers in the
    Asia Pacific before these weapons are operational in their own armed
    forces," he said.
    "The common thread in the sale of high technology weapons is that
    sales are no longer determined by how a country lines up with the
    great powers ... but rather whether the recipient country has the
    funds to pay for them.
    "It's truly a buyer's market."
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