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Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 01:40:28 PDT

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    04.07.2001 By PETER GRIFFIN 
    Jurors were given a step-by-step guide to hacking techniques
    yesterday, in the first such simulation carried out in a New Zealand
    Former website administrator Andrew Garrett is on trial in the Manukau
    District Court on 10 charges of fraud, wilful damage and threatening
    to cause damage.
    The charges relate to events nearly three years ago when Garrett
    allegedly used the common hacking program Back Orifice to obtain
    passwords of customers of internet service providers Xtra, ihug and
    Using a cloned copy of Garrett's hard drive and projecting images of
    Back Orifice at work against the court wall, crown witness and
    security expert Daniel Ayers said a disk found by police at Garrett's
    house contained incriminating computer logs which showed he had probed
    other computers to obtain internet passwords.
    The logs, said Mr Ayers, also revealed that Garrett had used Back
    Orifice to snoop around other people's computers, looking at picture
    files, their "little black book" of e-mail addresses and taking
    "snapshots" of their computer screens when they were on the internet.
    The presence of an extension to Back Orifice called Butt Trumpet was
    also found on Garrett's computer.
    The program allowed an e-mail to be sent to his computer every time an
    account holder connected to the internet, enabling the remote probes
    to take place.
    Garrett's defence so far has centred on the point that he could have
    unwittingly infected other users' computers or may even have been the
    subject of a virus infection himself.
    Lawyer Michael Levett said Garrett's computer might have been
    controlled remotely.
    The trial is scheduled to run for up to four weeks.
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