[ISN] Criminal conduct and "cryptography." (Adobe vs. Sklyarov)

From: Jay D. Dyson (jdysonat_private)
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 21:17:26 PDT

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    Hi folks,
    	As Weld Pond of @stake (formerly the l0pht) has noted, the dire
    predictions made on the quality of digital content protection in the
    age of DMCA have come to fruition.  Where there could have been honest and
    accurate peer review, we now have little but more snake oil being pawned
    off as "secure."
    	To review Sklyarov's presentation on how trivial it is to bust
    Adobe's "encryption," please see the following URL:
    	Take a look at the findings there.  You will be amazed as well as
    sickened that any self-respecting company could call this tripe
    	It's a sad day when it's cheaper to make a shoddy product and rely
    on law enforcement to protect your product than it is to make a decent
    product in the first place.  Bottom line is thus: all of us -- regardless
    of whether we use Adobe's products -- are now paying fees (taxes) to
    assure that their product is protected.
    	I seem to recall similar measures being taken by King George in
    the 1770s.  With that in mind, Adobe doesn't have to worry about the
    canonical "digital Pearl Harbor."
    	They'd better worry about a digital Boston Tea Party instead.
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