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Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 02:51:32 PDT

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    > By Eva Marer
    > July 2, 2001
    > Every morning, Gregor Bailar, executive vice president of operations and
    > technology and CIO of NASDAQ, pores over the previous day's security
    > report. "We have hundreds of different types of hacking and other
    > security attempts in any given week," he says. 
    > At the moment, Bailar's not so much worried about a breach of NASDAQ's
    > trading system -- a private network of computers secured behind a tank
    > embankment wall -- but about the potential damage in dollars and
    > investor confidence should one of the exchange's public Web sites go
    > down. 
    Should? Wonder if he had any comments for when it DID.
    Interesting to note that this page has since been 'retired' and asks the
    user to choose or
    These machines are all on the same network and could very well be
    virtually hosted off a single machine.
    > Like many senior technologists, Bailar makes decisions about risk
    > management every day. Unlike most CIOs, however, he's got the backing to
    > make his decisions stick. Those resources include two dedicated security
    > teams, a direct pipeline to national security personnel, armed security
    > guards, and a total budget of $450 million. 
    All of these resources didn't stand up to a couple defacers..
    > Bailar shakes his head at the way companies leave themselves open for
    > attack. But in a way it's understandable, says Savage. "A lot of
    > Eva Marer is a freelance reporter based in New York who writes for CIN,
    > an site where this story first appeared. She covers
    > investments, personal finance, and corporate technology issues for a
    > variety of trade and consumer magazines. 
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