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Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 00:32:19 PDT

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    By Mike Magee, 30/07/2001 10:30:58 BST
    THE WALL STREET JOURNAL predicts today that the FBI, the White House,
    and Microsoft will plead with everyone to fix holes that could allow
    the big and nasty Code Red Worm to propagate.
    But, worse than that threat, according to the story and in our
    opinion, is a quote from an FBI guy saying that the Internet "is
    indispensable" to US security and economic well-being.
    The Pentagon is also at risk from Mr Code Red Worm, which digs itself
    into Microsoft IIS server software and exploits holes in NT and
    Windows 2000.
    This is deeply worrying to anyone with even a sliver of common sense.
    According to the newspaper, there will be a press conference later on
    today, where Microsoft, the FBI and the government will stress how
    important it is people protect themselves from Mr CRW.
    Apparently, the powers are very cheesed off that some computers are
    still without protection, despite a patch being widely available.
    The real story here is the one about the idiots at the highest level
    of government service who decided to delude themselves that Microsoft
    software was the bee's knees, rather than another part of that popular
    and useful insect's anatomy.
    A reminder to those with short memories. Microsoft and the Internet
    are not interchangeable terms.
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