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Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 02:46:18 PDT

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    So I got thinking that if I had little comments that were too small
    for one mail that I would save them and stick them in a mail called
    Stuph and date it whatever.
    I hope this doesn't confuse you with another fine newsletter called
    "Stuff" done by John Macartney who's archive can be found at:
    While sitting here with my front row seat waiting for the sky to fall,
    the Internet to melt, and Microsoft's stock price to go with it,
    I thought I would go for a little walk to the Mini-Mart and actually
    try the beverage that helped the gang at eEye name this worm that has
    had news directors calling me all day looking for a sound bite.
    Never drinking Mountain Dew before, I really didn't have a point of
    reference, but the Code Red flavor was interesting, but I really don't
    see myself buying the stuff by the case at the local Sams Club.
    One can only wonder what the eEye Code Red advisory would look like if
    they had found warm Red Dog beer instead of the warm Mountain Dew. :)
    I have recieved a few comments about the state of the state, none of
    which have been about information security, two that caught my eye
    Mr. Knowles:
    > I thought basketball was invented in Springfield Mass???
    Basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith who at age
    30 he was teaching phys. ed. at the YMCA training school in
    Springfield, Massachusets when the director asked him to think up an
    indoor game to keep the students in shape between football and
    baseball seasons. This is when he came up with basketball. He started
    out by using peach baskets nailed to the gymnasium balcony.
    It took them a little over a decade to figure out about cutting the
    bottoms out to speed up the game, and in the first ever game, a little
    more than ten of the players were from Quebec.
    There is a little information at: http://global.nba.com/canada/history.html
    and this from Thomas Baines <tbainesat_private> who I am glad to say I
    know personally and I can only wish qualified enough to be his wingman
    > Hovering a helicopter is hard enough, but to be able to do it
    > under fire, while delivering your operators, and only six to
    > twelve inches from top of the telephone poles in your landing zone
    > earned my respect the instant I learned of such amazing pilots.
    Actually, William, the harder trick is to bring your bird to rest
    gently on the pitched roof of a building so that the operators can
    unass to the place without falling off or hitting the chimneys and
    antennas...and doing it while under night-vision goggles in a light
    rain on a moonless night.  Better still, hover with the skids just
    touching the cross-beams of a steel bridge while the boys rope down to
    intercept a vehicle passing below.
    After reading that, I made a note in my PalmPilot to make sure I buy
    Tom at least a couple rounds of beer the next time I see him. :)
    Lastly, below has nothing to do with infosec, (Like most of this mail)
    but more of a soapbox issue for me, delete this now if you're not
    interested, but I thought it looked newsworthy.
    Try to have a Code Red free day!
    William Knowles
    By Juan A. Lozano
    Associated Press Writer
    Monday, July 30, 2001
    HOUSTON - A writer has spent nearly two weeks in jail for refusing to
    turn over her research into a 1997 society murder that is being
    investigated by the Justice Department.
    Vanessa Leggett, 33, was found in contempt of court July 20. She was
    jailed without bond for refusing to turn over her notes to a federal
    grand jury investigating the murder of 46-year-old Doris Angleton,
    wife of millionaire former bookie Robert Angleton.
    Leggett could be held in jail for up to 18 months if the court ruling
    isn't overturned. Her attorney, Mike DeGeurin, said Monday that he
    expects a decision on his request for an expedited appeal within a
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