[ISN] Legal system, ALP will deal with hackers: Carr

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Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 01:36:37 PDT

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    Tuesday 07 August, 2001 
    NSW Premier Bob Carr said any Labor MP caught computer hacking at
    State Parliament would be dealt with by the law and the party.
    Tony Kelly, the NSW Labor MP at the centre of the parliamentary
    hacking scandal, today stood down as acting president of the upper
    house pending a police investigation.
    Kelly continued to deny any involvement in the matter.
    Speaking prior to Kelly's announcement, Carr told Radio 2UE: "The
    allegation (from the opposition) is a profoundly serious one.
    "There is a police investigation and any revelation that anyone one on
    my side of politics has benefited from computer hacking, has engaged
    in computer hacking that's a criminal offence first of all but it'll
    also be responded to by my party.
    "It's intolerable. There should be no place for political espionage in
    Australia. It undermines democracy".
    He rejected suggestions that Education Minister John Aquilina had gone
    public with details of the Cecil Hills High massacre story because he
    had access to illicit information that the Opposition was about to
    raise it in parliamentary question time.
    "No, that's ridiculous. I've never seen anything, I don't think anyone
    in the Labor Party has seen anything that's come out of the Liberal
    party computer," he said.
    The opposition questions were mostly inspired by stories in the day's
    newspapers, he said.
    "There's never been that sort of intelligence".
    Carr said it was easy for the Government to predict questions, based
    on what was in the papers or what was being talked about on radio.
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