[ISN] [defaced-commentary] Road Runner defacements by TonikGin

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Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 01:25:43 PDT

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    Subject: [defaced-commentary] Road Runner defacements by TonikGin 
    Deface Road Runner, Save the Whales? 
      By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes
      09 Aug 2001, 9:04 AM CST
    Security at three Web sites operated by AOL Time Warner's [NYSE:AOL] Road
    Runner service was compromised Thursday. An attacker replaced the sites'
    usual home pages with a message about saving whales. 
    Defaced were the home pages of the cable-based Internet service's sites
    for users in Austin, Texas, and in Kansas City, as well as a site serving
    subscribers in Maine. All but the Kansas City defacement were still
    viewable this morning.
    Officials from Road Runner, which serves more than 2 million subscribers
    in markets across the United States, are investigating the incident and
    had no immediate comment. 
    Defaced Website: www.austin.rr.com
    Mirror: http://defaced.alldas.de/mirror/2001/08/09/www.austin.rr.com/    
    Defaced Website: www2.kc.rr.com
    Mirror: http://defaced.alldas.de/mirror/2001/08/09/www2.kc.rr.com/    
    Defaced Website: ola.maine.rr.com
    Mirror URL: http://defaced.alldas.de/mirror/2001/08/09/ola.maine.rr.com/
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