RE: [ISN] The Code Red hype Hall of Shame

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Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 02:58:59 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Dan Verton <intel0202at_private>
    I think it is perfectly clear to all that the issue is not about two
    journalists fighting to get a story out on the street first. The real
    issue is something that eEye will have to deal with based on what the
    community at large has said publicly in the original stories that ran
    and in the hordes of copycat stories that are running now. And yes,
    eEye did have their supporters.
    And re: the personal tone of Mr. Maiffret's comments. Suffice to say,
    I was an ISSO and doing sysadmin on intelligence systems ten years
    ago. I understand Mr. Maiffret is relatively young.
    --- InfoSec News <isnat_private> wrote:
    > Forwarded from: Marc Maiffret <marcat_private>
    > Wow. Two writers fighting over who wrote an inaccurate story
    > first. What fun.
    > Since neither Tommy nor Danny have any technical understanding of
    > CodeRed nor the .ida exploit (yet write about it and point fingers
    > anyway) they both might want to go look at the thread called "Can
    > we afford full disclosure of security holes?" that was on Bugtraq
    > just recently. You will actually see knowledgeable people who
    > understand the topic rather than two writers just looking to meet
    > their weekly quota of articles.
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