Re: [ISN] Japan arrests woman for email snooping

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Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 03:00:30 PDT

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    Forwarded from: //Stany <stanyat_private>
    > When the co-worker changed the password on her account, Kishi
    > allegedly contacted the ISP and pretended to be the woman. The
    > ISP, which was not identified, told her the password after she
    > claimed to have forgotten it.
    > She then accessed the co-worker's account and read incoming and
    > outgoing emails between May 9 and June 1.
    This probably belongs on RISKS, not here, but I am lazy... ;-)
    People who employ me are at the moment considering an implementation
    of an LDAP database containing all the passwords in the company.  THe
    logic is that with the current large number of various authentication
    technologies, the only way to have "single sign-on", is to have
    clear-text passwords somewhere, and on hourly basis generate the
    smb/unix/LDAP/kerberos password hashes, and push them out.
    Of course with the convinience of having all passwords in the
    clear-text, people in control can be tricked into telling the user
    their old password, as opposed to changing it.  If the password was
    changed instead of revealed, then the cow-orker of Kishi might have
    realized that something is wrong next time she tried to log in.
    The other point is the one we are all painfully aware of - the weakest
    link tends to be human - computers on their own tend to fail to social
    engineering attacks much less frequently then the humans controlling
    the computers.
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