[ISN] Man arrested in Britain in hacking case

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Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 00:49:59 PDT

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    August 14, 2001 
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI and Scotland Yard announced Tuesday the
    arrest of a 24-year old man who they say was responsible for a
    computer virus known as the "Leaves worm," which surfaced in early
    July in home users' Windows-based computer systems.
    In Washington, the FBI said the suspect was taken into custody in the
    United Kingdom on July 23, but authorities refused to identify the
    nationality of the suspect. They said the arrest was kept secret until
    now to avoid compromising an international investigation.
    Under British law the suspect's name may not yet be released.
    Authorities say the suspect was arrested on charges of "designing and
    propagating malicious code, known as the W32-Leave.worm into
    Windows-based computer systems." The FBI said home-users' computers
    without updated anti-virus software were primarily infected by this
    "This particular worm allowed the intruder access to an infected
    system while the victim machine was connected to the Internet,"
    authorities said.
    Anti-virus groups say the Leaves worm arrived as an e-mail that
    appeared to come from Microsoft as a security bulletin. It was
    discovered July 9.
    The threat assessment for both damage and distribution was rated "low"
    by the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center.
    The Leaves worm received far less attention than the Code Red Worm
    that appeared a few weeks later and prompted warnings from the FBI's
    National Infrastructure Protection Center.
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