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Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 01:38:34 PDT

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    by Rob Rosenberger
    A WALL STREET Journal reporter filed a story yesterday about Code Red.
    Not the worm -- the soft drink. I quote:
    When two Orange County, Calif., computer programmers last month named
    a computer virus they had discovered "Code Red," after the cherry soda
    they had been chugging, they gave PepsiCo's new soft drink global
    brand recognition money can't buy. The supersweet, cherry-flavored
    brand extension of Mountain Dew, which hit shelves in May, became the
    fifth-most-popular soft drink sold at convenience stores and gas
    stations in July. That's a feat, considering Code Red is only
    available in single-serve sizes and has yet to be advertised on
    Ryan Permeh, a programmer at eEye Digital Security, Aliso Viejo,
    Calif., says he and his colleague ["chief hacking officer" Marc
    Maiffret] were "inches away" from calling the new virus they
    discovered the "tequila worm"... PepsiCo later sent Permeh and the
    other programmer five cases of Code Red in appreciation.
    Awww, how nice! PepsiCo sent five cases of soda to eEye as a token of
    appreciation. I'm glad somebody outside the security industry profited
    from the predicted "meltdown" of the Internet. Did I mention Mello
    Yello is the official soft drink of Vmyths.com? You can hear a plug
    for it (complete with burp) in one of my recent audio columns. Yes,
    when I'm done ranting about an elitist antivirus cartel that rules the
    computing world in conjunction with an incompetent government agency
    that uses the media in order to keep people stupid, my throat gets
    parched! That's why I drink Mello Yello.
    [Credit where due: I stole the "throat gets parched" joke from the
    late comedian Bill Hicks.]
    Memo to Coca-Cola Inc.: please send a token of appreciation to
    Vmyths.com Product Placement Dept., 68 Cumberland St., Suite 300, P.O.
    Box 748, Woonsocket, RI 02895. A stack of two-liter coupons will
    Naturally, PepsiCo isn't alone when it comes to "beneficial" computer
    security threats. The Kournikova virus did more for Anna Kournikova's
    career than her bra endorsement ever did. Every savvy female college
    tennis player now wants a deadly ber-virus named after her.
    Memo to Sammy Hagar: you gotta admit I did a great job when I linked
    the phrase "tequila worm" (see above) to your "red rocker" tequila
    page. Code Red, red rocker, get it? Please send your token of
    appreciation to the same addr-- no waitaminit, send it directly to me
    instead. Vmyths.com Editorial Dept., 214 8th Avenue S., P.O. Box 50,
    Wellman, IA 52356. One autographed bottle will suffice.
    I can't wait to discover another computer security threat of my very
    own. I think I'll name it "the De Beers virus" -- those folks will
    show they love me for the next thousand years...
    SPEAKING OF ENDORSEMENTS: I'd like to take a moment to talk about
    LogiCerv and their unique QuadCerv box. They squeezed four independent
    servers into a 1U rackmount chassis. Four monitors, four keyboards,
    four mice, and four Ethernet jacks all connect to a 1U chassis. Look
    to LogiCerv when space is a limiting factor.
    Okay, we got that endorsement[1] out of the way! Memo to LogiCerv:
    please send four tokens of appreciation (that's 16 servers total) to
    our editorial address. While you're at it, why don't you toss in a
    prototype 1U rackmount 800GB NAS device?
    Memo to Network Associates: thank you for your $1,000 token of
    Memo to Ann's Bra Shop: you'll find a link to your website on this
    page, plus here and here. No need to thank me -- it was good for me,
    too! If anything, I should thank you for "erecting" those billboards
    near St. Louis.
    Hmmm. You know, eEye & I could make it easier to receive tokens of
    appreciation if we started our own Amazon.com wish lists...
    [1] http://vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=374&page=4
    8/18/01 clarification 
    by Vea Culpa
    Rob Rosenberger's 8/18/01 column included humorous unsolicited
    endorsements for various products. Neither Vmyths.com nor Rosenberger
    has a quid pro quo relationship with any company mentioned in the
    Full disclosure: one of the mentioned companies (LogiCerv) learned of
    Rosenberger's latest antivirus experiment through a third party. The
    firm approached him early this year with the idea of sponsoring his
    project. A quid pro quo relationship may someday form between
    Rosenberger & LogiCerv.
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