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Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 05:55:06 PDT

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    > Forwarded by: Patrice Boivin <lori.patat_private>
    > Associated Press 
    > 12:20 p.m. Aug. 17, 2001 PDT  
    > WASHINGTON -- A promotional website for Microsoft's
    > soon-to-be-released Windows XP operating system said it would
    > offer the same protection from viruses and hackers that major
    > corporations use.
    > Not so, said a Microsoft executive who had the reference removed
    > from the website after the Associated Press questioned it.
    > "I'm sure that was an unintentional overexuberance there," said
    > Mark Croft, manager for the new Windows product due in stores in
    > October.
    haha, nice wording here Mark.
    Why does this sound like pre-emptive backpedaling/spindoctoring? If
    Microsoft integrates a 'commercial grade firewall' into their
    operating system, how will that be any different than integrating a
    web browser into it? That would smack of the same antitrust case of
    Win/MSIE that is still going on in our court system.
    Whether they add it or not, they certainly can't advertise that as a
    feature without causing more legal headaches for themselves.
    > Croft said Microsoft's plan to add firewall software, designed to
    > protect Internet surfers from hackers, "is a good step from having
    > nothing" but it is not the full-fledged protection found in
    > firewall products sold separately.
    "We are adding a firewall, but not as good as others, so they will
    remain our competition..."  yep yep.
    > Microsoft's plan to include numerous new features in Windows XP
    > such as the firewall, which complete with stand-alone products
    > made by others, has angered its competitors and raised questions
    > among state regulators.
    Glad I'm not the only one who thought of this.
    > On the website, Microsoft said the new firewall feature "makes
    > your information, computers, and family data safer from intruders
    > as soon as you start using Windows XP."
    And with Microsoft's track record for security..
    > "For years, business networks have been able to protect themselves
    > from outside attacks by using firewalls," it added. "Windows XP
    > offers that same security to consumers with Internet Connection
    > Firewall protection."
    Much like Microsoft has protected their network using firewalls?
    > But Le Tocq said Microsoft's strategy of including a firewall may
    > pay huge dividends down the road because it could give the
    > software giant a huge consumer advantage over rivals that make
    > their own firewall products.
    > "Frankly, I think that the personal firewall guys ... they're
    > going to be roadkill," he said.
    yep yep
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