[ISN] Re: Hacker invades MuchMusic's Web site, lifts entrants' telephone numbers, ages

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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 02:58:25 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Ed the Sock <mailat_private>
    I appreciate your support, but it wasn't Toronto that decided to do
    the MuchUSA thing. It was MuchUSA, a separate company. Believe me,
    Toronto was not/is not happy about it.
    MuchUSA relented and agreed to carry my show, then backed away again
    after the e-mails stopped coming. They stopped coming because MUSA
    said they'd carry the show. Catch-22.
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    > [While its rare for me to post news about website defacements, unless
    > its a high profile site, like ACM, NASDAQ, or Attrition. :) I feel a
    > need to post news about this defacement only because I *USED* to watch
    > a great deal of MuchMusic's late-night programming in the USA. That is
    > until the powers that be in Toronto decided they should drop a huge
    > chunk of their Canadian programing and start a channel like MTV,
    > (a network still confused on what the M in MTV stands for), and start
    > a whole new channel in the USA called MuchMusic.tv. Now not to sound
    > like this is a rant. :) but one of the highlights of watching
    > MuchMusic in the USA, was Ed the Sock, http://www.edthesock.com/ &
    > with the new American programing, one of the Canadian programs to get
    > nixed was Ed's show. While this is a show of a sockpuppet, Ed has some
    > really fresh & bright viewpoints on pretty much everything, and its
    > actually worth watching in a world of 500+ channels.   - WK]
    > http://www.canoe.ca/NationalTicker/CANOE-wire.MuchMusic-Hacked.html
    > TORONTO (CP) [Aug. 24, 2001] - MuchMusic warned Thursday that some
    > people who entered a contest on its Web site may have had their
    > private information seized by a computer hacker.
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