[ISN] Vigilance called for on computer viruses

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Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 05:26:31 PDT

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    China Daily
    Zeng Min
    The Chinese Internet community will soon be able to breathe a sigh of
    relief, as formidable cyberworm Red Code II is, reportedly, to subside
    its malicious forays on global computer servers.
    However, Chinese anti-virus combatants remain in battle mode, warning
    on Tuesday that a slack defence system remained the Achilles Heel of
    computer users, putting them at risk of another bug assault.
    Virus vigilance has been stepped up, following the onslaught on the
    global Internet network of viruses and hacker attacks, including CIH,
    I Love You and Ice River, since April. Experts warn of a high
    frequency of bug attacks this year.
    On Tuesday, Zhang Jian, chief engineer of the National Computer Virus
    Emergency Response Centre, said many net buffs still turned a deaf ear
    to the warnings, as they stake their bets firmly on luck.
    "They are too complacent and do not take the problem seriously," said
    Worse still, a lack of consultation between computer firms that host
    corporate servers and their clients has inhibited the urgent build-up
    of an anti-virus defence shield.
    This scenario was a perfect fit for Red Code II, which targeted
    servers as the main breeding ground. It can remain latent in one
    defenceless server before making another onslaught later on, experts
    Nearly 600 firms and institutions in China, mostly high-tech firms,
    have been bitten by the virus within the first 22 days of this month,
    official statistics reported.
    The bug, a potent sibling of Red Code, which was active in June,
    ground the cyber traffic of more than 1,000 servers to a standstill in
    the past few weeks.
    However, anti-virus engineers from the Ministry of Public Security --
    the official bug-busting watchdog -- have said the effect was not far
    spread, and that proper measures have been taken to keep the bug in
    Xia Ji, a manager at anti-virus technology maker Kingsoft Co Ltd,
    agreed. He said: "Some of our clients have been attacked but they have
    downloaded patches to plug the loophole. And emergency calls are
    dwindling in the last few days."
    However, Wang Jiangmin, a chief operator at Beijing Jiangmin New
    Science Technology Co Ltd -- another anti-virus software player --
    said the overblown hype on Red Code II should be put to rest.
    "Vigilance should focus upon other virus at this time,'' he said.
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