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Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 22:38:34 PDT


Wednesday, 29 August, 2001

Business leaders are calling on the government to set up a national
database to combat internet fraud.

Modelled on the United States Internet Fraud Complaint Centre, the
Centre for Cybercrime Complaints in the UK would channel complaints to
the relevant investigating bodies.

Business bosses also want the 1990 Computer Misuses Act to be extended
to cover attacks that cause IT systems to fail.

The calls follow a survey of members of the Confederation of British
Industry (CBI) which suggested cybercrime is deterring companies -
particularly those with fewer than 500 employees - from selling goods
and services on the internet.

Two thirds of companies surveyed had experienced a "serious incident"
in the past year.

Just 53% regarded the internet as a safe place to do business with
other companies, while only 32% thought it was a secure way of selling
to consumers.

Of the most serious cybercrimes in the past year, 44.8% were committed
by hackers, 13.4% by former employees, 12.8% by organised criminal
gangs, 11.5% by current employees, 7.9% by customers, 5.8% by
competitors, 2.6% by political and protest groups and 1.4% by
terrorists, according to the businesses surveyed.

The survey suggests the financial services industry is particularly
afraid of hackers, while other sectors fear damaged reputations and
trust more than losing money.

Some 69% of companies surveyed said their financial losses were
negligible and only 4% of the most serious incidents during the past
year were credit card frauds.

The survey also suggests that nearly 40% of businesses do not have a
board director responsible for tackling cybercrime.

The CBI director-general, Digby Jones, said: "This survey clearly
shows that fears about potential financial losses and damage to
reputation from cybercrime are stalling the growth of e-business,
especially for business-to-consumer transactions.

"That will only be overcome when all parties are reassured that
adequate security is in place to protect them.

"Achieving that means first understanding what the threats are and the
government keeping the law up-to-date and making sure it is properly

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