[ISN] Kelly demands apology for hacking allegations

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Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 02:18:20 PDT

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    SYDNEY, Sept 4 2001, AAP
    A NSW Labor MP cleared of allegations he hacked into confidential
    Liberal Party computer files is demanding an apology from Opposition
    Leader Kerry Chikarovski.
    An internal report yesterday concluded that confidential files of
    shadow cabinet secretary Charlie Lynn were accidentally loaded onto
    the parliamentary computer of Tony Kelly by IT staff.
    The clearance for Mr Kelly follows a police report last week which
    also cleared him of any criminal activity in relation to the hacking
    "A police report and a computer expert's report have totally cleared
    me," Mr Kelly said last night.
    "Mrs Chikarovski sullied my good name and I want an immediate apology.
    I am furious at this revelation."
    Government sources have threatened to take the matter further,
    claiming IT staff knew of their error some weeks ago but had failed to
    make a public admission.
    Mr Lynn said he would seek independent advice from computer experts
    before deciding whether to accept the investigation's findings.
    Mr Lynn said the presence of his files on Mr Kelly's computer together
    with hacking software was suspicious.
    "I've asked Mr Evans to fax me the report tonight and I will examine
    it carefully before I decide whether it's a plausible explanation," Mr
    Lynn said.
    Police seized four computers - two from each of Mr Kelly's and Mr
    Lynn's parliamentary offices - as part of the investigation which
    began on August 6.
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