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Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 23:10:27 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    This is not much different from many other defense programs involving
    technology.....take IO....DoD still spends gobs of cash to stand up
    information warfare centers that look to attack the bad guy's networks
    and such, and spend prolly one tenth of that amount on protecting our
    own systems.......we're the most techno-vulnerable military in the
    world, yet DoD continues to run IO from an ass-backwards perspective.
    What's the old saying, before you point out other folks' faults, you
    should know and address your own?
    Tom Baines is correct - and even Rumsfeld's plan for DoD is techno
    centric.....he's so enamored with tech and remote platforms that
    anything without a chipset inside (eg, HUMINT, troops, facilities,
    training) is going to be secondary.
    I'll wager that our CI program is no different......and the CI program
    in the MOST need of serious review and re-working is at the place
    charged with our national CI program.......FBI.
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    > Well gee whiz!  Mr. Bamford thinks we've crippled HUMINT so badly that
    > we ought to just turn the whole security problem over to technology.
    > That is exactly the channel of thinking that got us into the mess in
    > the first place.
    > I spent a good part of my military career in CI.  I watched the
    > budgets for manpower, training, and travel shrink year by year in
    > order to "free up" funding for additional national technical means and
    > pipe to connect to same. In the process, we became totally vulnerable
    > to almost any sophisticated insider mischief that might come along.
    > The answer to security is not automation and more sensors.  The answer
    > is more and improved HUMINT and CI manning and training, better
    > monitoring of those with key insider access, and incressed training of
    > all persons working with classified of what it costs each of us when
    > national security and economically importatn information is stolen and
    > sold.
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