[ISN] Angry Drunken Dwarf Dies

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 23:09:12 PDT

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    [Well I am breaking one of my cardinal rules of drinking beer and
    using the Internet just because I can still make good use of my
    spell-checker, The only InfoSec News today is from what was submitted
    via e-mail.
    At least its a good beer (Hacker-Pschorr Weisse) :)
    I spent the better part of the evening unsubscribing accounts that
    were dead, over limit, on vacation, and whatnot. Now is it too hard to
    unsubscribe yourself from a list if the writing is on the wall that
    you might not have a job in the near future, or for that matter, you
    landed a new better paying job that you couldn't unsubscribe yourself
    from all the lists you're on?
    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, its just one of several things to
    make life a pain in the ass around here, basements flooding, writing
    last minute courses & agendas, colicky nephews, clueless non-union
    alleged plumbers, Ford dealer service departments, FedEx packages that
    never arrive, and now new that Hank, The Angry Drunken Dwarf has
    passed away.
    While I never met Henry, I do know quite a few dwarfs, midgets, and
    little people and always shed a tear whenever I hear about one passing
    away. I really have to wonder how Wired considered "Cryonics Over Dead
    Geeks' Bodies" as a related story, I don't see anything about putting
    Hank on ice anywhere in the story.
    Well enough of this, its all nothing a good morning at the range with
    the ol' Beretta 92F can't get out of my system.]
    William Knowles
    Wired News Report 
    2:45 p.m. Sep. 5, 2001 PDT 
    A small icon from back when the Internet used to be quirky and fun has
    passed. Click not for a few moments, veteran Netizens. Hold still.
    Hank, The Angry Drunken Dwarf is dead.
    Born Henry Nasiff, the oft-sauced and saucy little man made a name for
    himself in the terrestrial world as a sidekick on the Howard Stern
    show for the past five years.
    But Hank rocketed to cyber-fame in 1998 when he won People magazine's
    Most Beautiful People poll online. At Stern's request, thousands of
    people had logged on to People's website to support Hank.
    The silly incident prompted serious coverage in the mainstream media.
    The pundits boiled Hank's victory down to a cautionary tale about the
    Internet. It's a wacky, upside down world with no rules, they said.
    The Angry Drunken Dwarf instead of Clooney, Paltrow, or Roberts?
    Anarchy on the Net, they declared.
    "The unlikely leader in People magazine's Most Beautiful People poll
    has exposed online surveys for what they are -- junk mail for the
    brain," Michael Himowitz wrote in the Baltimore Sun.
    In the spirit of democracy, People photographed Hank and featured him
    along with the more famous runners-up.
    As a tribute to his late colleague, Stern sang "Candle in the Wind"
    during his radio show Wednesday. Then he and his co-host, Robin,
    reminisced about some great moments with Hank -- like the time he
    dressed up in a pink bunny suit to harass a magician trapped inside a
    giant ice cube.
    Nasiff's mother found him dead in his bed Tuesday afternoon, according
    to his manager, Doug Goodstein. The cause of death is officially
    unknown, but on his show Wednesday, Stern said they had all suspected
    Hank would die young from drinking too much.
    Fans e-mailed hundreds of tributes and condolences to Hank's website.
    They were pouring in at about 10 per minute on Wednesday, Goodstein
    On Yahoo's Dwarfism List, a poster named Mary wrote: "It appears
    another dwarf has died due to 'alcohol poisoning.' Another dwarf who
    had little or no self esteem, what a shame. What pain his family must
    be feeling."
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