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Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 22:22:01 PDT

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    China Daily
    Xiao Fu
    Half of China's Internet users claim they've been hacked in the past
    year, a startling new study on domestic Internet trends indicated.
    The data points to an alarming level of carelessness and ignorance
    about security among online users, a population that tends to be
    younger and less affluent than the general public.
    Nearly half of the respondents said they never change their passwords
    for e-mail accounts, according to the survey released this weekend by
    the China Internet Network Information Centre.
    "It is urgent to improve the awareness of Chinese netizens," the
    report warned.
    The study also showed that the less you earn and the younger you are,
    the more passionate you are about Internet surfing.
    About 60 per cent of the current 26.5 million Internet users in China
    earn less than 1,500 yuan (US$181) per month. About 13 per cent said
    they don't have stable incomes.
    Nearly 70 per cent of those polled are under age 30. Fifteen per cent
    are below 18 and 37 per cent are between 18 and 24.
    The results raise concerns that the main proportion of China's
    Internet users are young and poor.
    "China's information businesses should try to provide quality products
    for young users, but they must also offer more products for those
    people over 30," said Ren Xiao'ai of the centre, which conducts the
    annual survey to profile the Internet community every January to July.
    Internet users do seem satisfied, locating the desired information or
    activity, namely online chatting and meeting friends, the results
    Forty-three per cent of the users is aimed to obtain information,
    while 34 per cent log on for fun.
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