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Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 22:21:23 PDT

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    By Diane Frank 
    Sept. 10, 2001
    The National Science Foundation is creating a new research program to
    raise the basic level of security in commercial technology used by
    government and the public.
    The Trusted Computing program will aim to foster research on making
    information systems able to withstand internal and external security
    "As computer systems and computer networks are increasingly used to
    create, store, process and transmit information that is critical to
    citizens, industry, government and academia, the design and
    development of security, safe software and systems has become a
    fundamental problem," the Sept. 6 announcement states.
    The basic problem is that as new and upgraded software is delivered
    more and more quickly to the commercial market, developers are not
    taking the time to put the products through the kind of testing and
    verification needed to ensure a secure product. The Trusted Computing
    program seeks to establish research that will change the way software
    developers think about security.
    "It is a necessity to ensure that future information systems not only
    behave as expected, but, more importantly, continue to produce
    expected behavior and are not susceptible to subversion," the
    announcement states.
    Research proposals are due by Dec. 5, and in years to come will be due
    the first Wednesday in December. Between $4 million and $6 million
    will be available for 20 to 25 grants each year. The grants will last
    for two to five years, and will be for $80,000 to $500,000 per award
    depending on the number of groups involved in the proposal.
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