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Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 22:16:55 PDT

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    The Third National HIPAA Summit
    > From Theory to Practice - From Planning to Implementation
    The Most Important Conference You Will Attend This Year on the Health
    Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
       October 25-26, 2001
       Grand Hyatt
       Washington, D.C.
       Pre-Conference Symposia:
       October 24
    Special Feature:
    Thursday, October 25, 2001 - An Interactive National Town Meeting on
    Regulating Healthcare  Privacy and Data Security - HIPAA and Beyond
    On Thursday, October 25, the Third National HIPAA Summit features a
    unique full-day plenary session town meeting on regulating healthcare
    privacy and data security. Leading federal and state regulators will
    be available for extensive interaction through comments, questions and
    answers. Representatives of DHHS, FTC, DOJ, NCVHS and state government
    will be available for questions, comments and discussion.
    The Town Meeting Will Feature:
    > From the Dept of Health & Human Services re HIPAA  -
      *  Reuben King-Shaw, Deputy Administrator, Centers for Medicare &
         Medicaid Services, DHHS
      *  William R. Braithwaite, MD, PhD, Sr Advisor on Health
         Information Policy, DHHS
      *  Donna Z. Eden, Esq., Sr Attorney, Office Of General Counsel,
      *  Linda Sanches, MPH, Sr Policy Analyst, Office of Health Policy,
      *  Robinsue Frohboese, JD, PhD, Acting Director, Office for Civil
         Rights, DHHS
    > From the Security Regulatory/Compliance Community -
      *  Sandra G. Behrens, PhD, Sr Scientist, Information Security Risk
         Management, CERT/CC Carnegie Mellon University
      *  L. Arnold Johnson, CISSP, Deputy Director, NIAP CCEVS
         Validation  Body, National Institute of Standards & Technology
      *  Walter Wright, Supervising Special Agent, Federal Bureau of
         Investigation and National  Infrastructure Protection Center
    > From the National Assn of Insurance Commissioners re GLB -
      *  John P. Fielding, Sr Counsel, Financial Services, National Assn
         of Insurance Commissioners
    > From the Federal Trade Commission -
      *  Timothy J. Muris, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
    > From the States -
      *  Howard Burde, Esq., Deputy General Counsel, Office of the
         Governor, Harrisburg, PA
      *  M. Lee Dickinson, J.D., PhD, Asst General Counsel, Texas Health
         & Human Services Commission, Austin, TX
      *  Moya T. Davenport Gray, Director, Office of Information
         Practices, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Honolulu, Hawaii
      *  Susan Henrichsen, Esq., Deputy Attorney General, California
         Dept of Justice, San Diego, CA
      *  Vicki Hohner, HIPAA Project Manager, Washington Dept of Health,
         Olympia, WA
      *  Angela Kay McGowan, JD, MPH, Legal Services Officer and
         Co-Chair, Dept of Human Resources HIPAA Team, Div of Public
         Health, Atlanta, GA
      *  Deanna Mool, Esq., Chief Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer,
         Illinois Dept of Public Health, Springfield, IL
      *  William J. O'Byrne, JD, Regulatory Officer, Div of Regulatory
         Affairs, New Jersey Dept of Banking & Insurance, Trenton, NJ
      *  David A. Stampley, Esq.,  Asst Attorney General, Office of the
         Attorney General, New York, NY
      *  Niyi Taiwo, HIPAA Project Coordinator, Exec Office of Health &
         Human Services, Boston, MA
      *  Moderated by John T. Bentivoglio, Esq., Partner, Arnold &
         Porter, and Former Special Counsel for Healthcare Fraud and
         Chief Privacy Officer, Dept of Justice, Washington, DC
    Leading Thinkers on the Future of Healthcare Information Technology
    and its Regulation -
      *  John R. Lumpkin, MD, MPH, Director, Illinois Dept of Public
         Health and Chair, National  Committee on Vital Health
      *  Peter Swire, Esq., Visiting Professor George Washington
         University, Of Counsel, Morrison & Forrester and Former Chief
         Counselor, Office of Management & Budget
      *  Alan F. Westin, LLB, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Public Law and
         Government, Columbia  University, and Publisher, Privacy &
         American Business
      *  Moderated by John Iglehart, Founding Editor, Health Affairs,
         and National Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine
    Download Registration Form
    In order to facilitate the most effective and sophisticated level of
    interaction, advanced questions and comments may be submitted by
    registrants via email to questionsat_private Anyone interested
    in presenting comments, questions, concerns, hypothetical case
    studies, problems and/or solutions may forward them to the Summit
    staff at questionsat_private The staff will then distribute
    them in advance to participating federal and state officials and other
    faculty members for their consideration in preparing their Summit
    Who Should Attend
      *  CEO’s, COO’s, CTO’s, CFO’s
      *  Compliance Officers
      *  Health Law Attorneys
      *  Medical Directors
      *  Physicians
      *  Managed Care Professionals
      *  Medical Group Managers
      *  Data Managers
      *  Ethics Officers
      *  Health Insurance Executives
      *  Consultants
      *  Government Agency Employees
      *  Health Administration Faculty
      *  Risk Managers
      *  Pharmacists
      *  Quality Assurance Professionals
      *  Registered Nurses
      *  Long Term Care Professionals
      *  Billing and Coding Professionals
      *  Third Party Billing Professionals
      *  Software developers
      *  System vendors
      *  System integrators
    Download Registration Form
    For more information and to view the agenda, visit:
    For registration information, visit:
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