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Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 02:22:16 PDT

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    [Bill Peeler is with the New York State Chapter of the International
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    Subject: [corporatesecurity] Report From Twin Towers and NYC
    Greetings Everyone,
    I just wanted to give you all a first hand report from the twin towers
    area. I just returned for short time from after delivering some
    equipment and wanted to let you know what was found before I return.
    I arrived there the other day and was not able to locate my point of
    contact and was directed to one of the many command posts. After
    meeting with various individuals from NYPD, FEMA and other entities I
    met up with the Governor's group and was given a direct private line
    to the governors NYC office where a point of contact was made and
    after some time was given proper credentials for entry to the area now
    commonly known as "ground zero". The reason for my visit to this area
    was I originally requested by a list member for some resources and
    manpower but then was contacted by the NY Fire Department for
    assistance in acquiring some critical search equipment. After some
    work the great (and I mean great folks) at ITI Technologies Company
    met with me where I signed for $150,000.00 in optical search equipment
    or as some may recognize as "scopes". I also obtained communication
    equipment from the NEXTEL Company for the needs of some others. I want
    to emphasize how wonderful these two companies and the international
    level of the IACSP were in meeting my needs in a matter of one hour.
    This was all accomplished by my signature for payment and a number of
    people traveling to meet me with equipment. ITI even offered two
    trainers to travel with me so they could teach the rescuers how to
    optimize the use of the equipment. One did travel with me because of
    the difficulties in getting credential for a number of people.
    When I first arrived at the site I must say it is as described by
    others, "devastation", "shocking" , "revolting", "saddening" and
    "intriguing" all at one time. The people who have volunteered
    services, equipment or supplies are everywhere. It is actually
    saddening that some of these very talented people were not used; a
    team of professional rescuers from France flew the whole team and
    equipment to NYC just to be turned away. The supplies at this time
    have been more than met; some food items were unfortunately disposed
    of because the people could not consume it fast enough. The people at
    the lead of the efforts there are first the NYC Fire Department,
    Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, NYPD, FEMA, NY State Police,
    US Engineers with all the other city, state and federal branches
    completing the team. The citizens lining the outer perimeter contrary
    to many reports are providing a great service for there own mental
    well being and that of the workers. They applaud every person and
    every vehicle that enters the secured area, even when I cam out for a
    break after 3 am there was about 50-100+ people at each gate. I am not
    going to mislead you all with stating that every person is
    professional and that they all act appropriately. Some individuals
    have tried to breach the secured area for less than honorable reasons,
    others have lied to the authorities on contact from individuals
    trapped in the rubble and as with any operation of size there are
    those authorities with bloated egos.
    The majority of the work "on the pile", as it is referred to are
    firemen and police officers from all over the country. Florida police
    departments sent their officers directly from duty in uniform and
    patrol vehicle to the site, as well as, the LA County, Missouri and so
    many other rescue teams.
    Security is very tight at ground zero with the NYPD, NY State Police
    and National Guard taking the responsibility of these duties at the
    various layers. Identification on top of your credentials from the OEM
    is vital for movement throughout. I must also add they do not take it
    lightly when people misrepresent themselves. I know that prior to my
    approval a full background was completed. Nevertheless this is
    important part of the infrastructure in the operation. Looting and
    theft is at a minimum but has increased in the past day or so. Steps
    have been taken and have worked to curb this.
    Services available at the site for workers do not just include
    medical, religious & physiological council but it also includes:
    massage therapist, chiropractors and even veterinarians for the rescue
    dogs. In fact one piece of equipment vitally needed is a portable
    x-ray machine for the people and the dogs.
    The people working are still showing enthusiasm in completing their
    mission with all the signs of exhaustion at the same time. The
    commander at the ground zero command post shared his personal thoughts
    with me in great candor, but as I stated these were private thoughts
    and emotions that I do not feel would be proper for me to discuss.
    Other officers spent some private moments with me and shared their
    thoughts about lost friends and fears, many having their eyes fill
    with tears. This was all enough to rip at your heart and stomach.
    As I left the site I was torn. I needed to return home for short time
    but I like so many other felt the need to continue with the work. Many
    people on the site and others elsewhere provided memories for me that
    will never leave. They are not marketing to the public any fiction
    here, they will rebuild, they will again surpass the expectations of
    anyone and they have defined what the United States stands for.
    Sincere Regards,
    Bill Peeler
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