[ISN] OPEN LETTER: Tragedy followed by travesty.

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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 01:02:43 PDT

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    Dear Mr. President,
    	I am writing you to express my thanks for your sincere and
    thoughtful remarks on today's national tragedy.  Like you, I offer my
    condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific
    attack.  I also write you on behalf of potential victims of a growing and
    unreasoned response to this travesty. 
    	Interspersed with the reports on today's national tragedy, I have
    been hearing other news that is as disconcerting as the senseless loss of
    life.  Namely, that Federal Law Enforcement Agency spokespersons are
    talking of limiting not only civil liberties of free passage, but veiled
    references to endorsing the curtailing of privacy-enabling technologies,
    all of which are cryptography-based. 
    	It seems that those who truly care about freedom and all that it
    entails are being afforded no time to mourn this day's losses.  I believe
    it no product of wild speculation to suggest that many policiticians and
    media pundits will once again renew their calls for limitations on public
    access to strong cryptography.  These movements will be built on the
    graves of the dead in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  The claim
    will ultimately be made that if cryptography had not been so readily
    available, our intelligence agencies would have been able to detect and
    summarily thwart today's attack on the contintental United States. 
    	Suffice it to say that I can no sooner embrace such notions than I
    can embrace the terrorists who brought this tragedy to our nation's
    shores.  And anyone suggesting such a course of action should be met with
    resistance equal to that which you call on us to muster against the forces
    of terrorism.
    	The day we sacrifice our liberties in the name of "security" is
    the day that the terrorists' goals will have been achieved.  To reiterate
    the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, if we surrender our liberty in the name
    of security, we shall have neither. 
    	It is unfortunate that it seemed necessary to compose this note
    less than twelve hours after this day's attack, but it is every citizen's
    duty to take every possible action to avert national disaster; especially
    one in the making. 
    	Thank you for your valuable time.  It is my hope that the
    perpetrators of this crime against the United States will be swiftly
    brought to justice.  God bless America. 
    Jay D. Dyson
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