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    For Immediate Release
    B.K. DeLong
    Speakers include PGP creator Phil Zimmermann and the inventor of
    Public Key cryptography Whitfield "Whit" Diffie.
    Washington, D.C. -- 26 September 2001 -- The National Intellectual
    Property Law Institute (NIPLI) and its Information System Security &
    Education (ISSE) Center today announced the International Cryptography
    Institute 2001 conference, the annual event and forum to educate
    corporate leaders on the benefits and developments in cryptography.
    ICI 2001 will be held at the Four Seasons Georgetown Hotel in
    Washington, D.C., 29 through 30 November, 2001.
    The focus of this year's International Cryptography Institute
    conference will be global challenges, trends, and best practices in
    cryptography. The faculty will address cryptographic threats that
    confront the information protection requirements of corporations, the
    national security, protecting the critical information infrastructure,
    and law enforcement.
    "Information security is extremely important when it comes to
    intellectual property in the corporate and research world," said Bill
    Tafoya, Conference Chair, Dean & Director of the ISSE Center. "Our
    goal is to provide attendees with the most thorough information we can
    about cryptography and cryptographic technologies."
    The speakers for this year's International Cryptography Institute include:
    -- Dorothy E. Denning, Director, Georgetown Institute for 
       Information Assurance, Georgetown University.
    -- Whitfield Diffie, Distinguished Engineer for Sun Microsystems 
       Labs and one of the primary inventors of Public Key cryptography.
    -- David Kahn, Cryptography Historian and the author of several 
       books on cryptography including "The Codebreakers".
    -- Mudge, Chief Scientist & Vice President, Research & Development 
       for @stake.
    -- Bruce Sterling, author of "Hacker Crackdown".
    -- Marcus Ranum, President and CEO, NFR Security.
    -- Phil Zimmermann, Creator of PGP and Chief Cryptographer 
       Consultant, Hush Communications.
    The format consists of plenary sessions as well as two simultaneous
    tracks.  Track I has been designed for chief executive officers. Track
    II is more technically oriented. Topics to be addressed include:
    History of Cryptography, What Executives Need to Know About
    Cryptography, PKI Escrow, Disparate Data Analysis, Computer
    Vulnerabilities, Firewalls, PGP, the Orange Book, AES, RISKS, and
    "In 1991 I wrote the book 'Hacker Crackdown'. Cops told me then, ten
    years ago, that nothing really important would happen in computer
    security until there was some catastrophe," said author Bruce
    Sterling.  "Now there's been one.  The maturity and good sense of that
    little security community will be tested now as it has never been
    tested before.  Right here, right now, this is really important, and
    I'm very, very interested."
    To register for ICI 2001, visit the Web site at 
    Direct any conference-related questions to ici2001at_private
    For press registration, visit the registration section of the Web site
    or contact B.K. DeLong at +1.617.877.3271 or via email at:
    The mission of the Information System Security & Education (ISSE)
    Center is to advance the study of and promulgate best practices within
    the information security community. ISSE sponsors conferences,
    symposia, colloquia, and work groups in order to contribute to a
    broader understanding of industry practices and offers services
    including empirical research, statistical and trend analysis as well
    as long-range planning services. More information is available at
    The National Intellectual Property Law Institute is a not-for-profit,
    Washington D.C.-based think tank that serves as a research, resource
    and education center for advanced thinkers in business, industry,
    government, law, academia and the judiciary. NIPLI, (headed by James
    P. Chandler, Emeritus Professor of law from the National Law Center at
    George Washington University), researches and analyzes developments in
    significant areas of intellectual property including patents,
    trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and international intellectual
    property transactions. For more information, visit the NIPLI Web site
    at http://www.nipli.org/
    B.K. DeLong
    Press Coordinator
    Information System Security
    & Education Center
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