Re: [ISN] Hackers face life imprisonment under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 05:24:44 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Vern Waltman <vern_waltmanat_private>
    <Those convicted of providing "advice or assistance" to cyber crooks,
    or harboring or concealing a computer intruder, would face the same
    legal repercussions as an intruder>
    I don't know about you all, but to me this statement has a very wide
    reaching effect on all who are in the computer security arena.  All of
    the open source posts of "Proof Of Concept" could be interputed as
    "Advice or Assistance" and could be followed up on by the law
    enforcement agencies if the "Proof Of Concept" was inturn used with
    malicious intent by someone.
    Vern Waltman
    --- InfoSec News <isnat_private> wrote:
    > [I never thought I would see the day when one could drive drunk, plow
    > into a Chevy Impala full of nuns, kill them all, and under this
    > proposed legislation, that party could likely serve less time in
    > prison than some poor misguided kid hacking into a .gov or .mil server
    > to send a shout-out to his friends in an IRC channel. While I am for
    > prosecuting malicious crackers, this act goes way overboard.  - WK]
    > Justice Department proposal classifies most computer crimes as acts of
    > terrorism. 
    > By Kevin Poulsen
    > Sep 23 2001 11:00PM PT
    > Hackers, virus-writers and web site defacers would face life
    > imprisonment without the possibility of parole under legislation
    > proposed by the Bush Administration that would classify most computer
    > crimes as acts of terrorism.
    > The Justice Department is urging Congress to quickly approve its
    > Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), a twenty-five page proposal that would
    > expand the government's legal powers to conduct electronic
    > surveillance, access business records, and detain suspected
    > terrorists.
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