[ISN] Linux Advisory Watch - September 28th 2001

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Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 03:20:01 PDT

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    |  LinuxSecurity.com                        Linux Advisory Watch |
    |  September 28th, 2001                     Volume 2, Number 39a |
      Editors:     Dave Wreski                Benjamin Thomas
                   daveat_private     benat_private
    This week, advisories were released for uucp, man, openssh, squid, and
    setserial. The vendors include Conectiva, Mandrake, and Red Hat. It has
    been another slow advisory week.  Again, we recommend taking time to make
    sure that no previous advisories have been missed.  Our archive is
    available:  http://www.linuxsecurity.com/advisories/
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    Linux Advisory Watch is a comprehensive newsletter that outlinesthe
    security vulnerabilities that have been announced throughout the week.It
    includes pointers to updated packages and descriptions of each
    |  uucp                           | ----------------------------//
    Zen Parse discovered that an argument handling problem that exists in the
    uucp package can allow a local attacker to gain access to the uucp user or
     Mandrake Linux 8.0: 
     Mandrake Vendor Advisory: 
    | man                             | ----------------------------//
    Updated man packages fixing a local GID man exploit and a potential GID
    man to root exploit, as well as a problem with the man paths of Red Hat
    Linux 5.x and 6.x.
     Red Hat 7.1 i386: 
     Red Hat Vendor Advisory: 
    |  openssh                        | ----------------------------//
    Users can circumvent the system policy and login from disallowed source IP
    addresses. Depending on the order of the user keys in
    ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 sshd might fail to apply the source IP based
    access control restriction (e.g. from="") to the correct key: If a
    source IP restricted key (e.g. DSA key) is immediately followed by a key
    of a different type (e.g. RSA key), then key options for the second key
    are applied to both keys, which includes 'from='.'
     Vendor Advisory: 
    |  squid                          | ----------------------------//
    Vladimir Ivaschenko found a bug[1] which allows a remote attacker to cause
    a DoS on the squid proxy service by sending mkdir ftp requests.. Takashi
    Taniguchi found a bug[2] that allows malicious users to do portscanning
    and other suspect activities using the proxy when it's configured in "http
    accelerator mode".
     Conectiva 7.0 
     squid-auth-2.4.1- 4U70_1cl.i386.rpm  
     Conectiva Vendor Advisory: 
    |  setserial                      | ----------------------------//
    The initscript distributed with the setserial package (which is not
    installed or enabled by default) uses predictable temporary file names,
    and should not be used. setserial-2.17-4 and earlier versions are
    affected.  The setserial package comes with an initscript in the
    documentation directory.  If this initscript is manually copied into the
    init.d directory structure and enabled, and the kernel is recompiled to
    have modular serial port support, then the initscript will use a
    predictable temporary file name.
     Red Hat Vendor Advisory: 
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