[ISN] Jack Straw interviewed on BBC Radio

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Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 03:15:54 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Kevin Townsend <ktownsendat_private>
    Jack Straw (UK Foreign Secretary, formerly Home Secretary) was
    interviewed on BBC Radio's Today. Commentary from ITsecurity.com:
    "These comments from the UKs Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (formerly
    the Home Secretary) would be comic if they were not so scary. The
    extent to which they mislead is breathtaking and frightening...
    "...I would like to challenge Mr Straw to present evidence that these,
    or indeed, any terrorists have ever used encryption that could have
    been unencrypted via government's proposed legislation. The idea that
    people with no concept of the sanctity of life would obey UK laws on
    encryption beggars belief.
    "This is sheer and crass misrepresentation of history. From one of the
    most powerful politicians in the UK."
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