RE: [ISN] Full Disclosure: How Much Security Info Is Too Much?

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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 00:51:46 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Marc Maiffret <marcat_private>
    Ya Lyman is a good guy just screwed the facts a bit. I been meaning to
    email him to let him know that...
    I still hate the canned phrase "came under fire" since we never really
    did come under fire for anything. Unless coming under fire means two
    ignorant people rambled their mouths about a topic they had no
    understanding of. :-]
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    | Per Jay Lyman's story about full disclosure at NewsFactor Network
    | (, he wrote:
    | > Experts agree that advisories, by their very nature, may be a heads-up
    | > to hackers. eEye Security came under fire for disclosing the Code Red
    | > vulnerability in June before Microsoft had released a patch for the
    | > hole, and again for releasing detailed information after Code Red was
    | > controlled, which some blamed for the success of the Code Red II virus.
    | I'm not sure where Lyman got his info but, according to eEye (and per
    | the story I wrote about it at
    |,aid,60744,00.asp )
    | the company notified Microsoft of the vulnerability in May and waited
    | a month for the patch to be produced before making their announcement
    | simultaneously with Microsoft's posting of the patch in June.
    | In fact, Marc Maiffret of eEye says that they were scheduled to post
    | the announcement a week earlier, but Microsoft contacted him to ask
    | for more time, saying there was a problem with the patch and they
    | needed another week to fix it.
    | EEye complied. Jay Dyson correctly noted that Microsoft publicly
    | thanked the company for waiting until they had prepared the patch.
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