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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 00:50:10 PDT

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    Ever have one of those mornings where you know you have a million
    things to do, you have to be downtown at 3pm, yet you check Slashdot
    for what you plan for only five minutes and end up blowing way more
    than that?
    Today was one of those days...
    I woke up late on Thursday, Started going through my morning mail,
    then ISN resposes, poked around what the bot discovered, then checked
    out Slashdot and what did I see that spoiled my day?
    ZeroKnowledge to Discontinue Anonymity Service
    Now I was disappointed, (to say the least) I was a very early adopter
    of the Freedom software, and listened with great interest to Austin
    Hill & Ian Goldberg at Defcon back in 1998 about how Freedom was going
    to change the world.
    Problem being 70,000 or so beta testers did not end up wanting or
    willing to pony up the $49.95 for the premium services and it ended
    only being used by a small majority of early adopters of the service.
    Well that 3pm appointment was to run downtown (in the rain) and see
    Marcus Ranum speak at the Chicago ISSA meeting, Marcus' talk was
    interesting, I sat in the back row with a pair of Neohapsis
    consultants, Lance Spitzner, and a new subscriber to ISN. :)
    We were a little disappointed that we couldn't get Marcus to stick
    around and join us for a few beers across the street at the famous
    Billy Goat Tavern, he bolted out little after the talk was over like
    someone just informed him that its still raining, and that his windows
    were down on his NSX. :)
    An equally interesting (albeit shorter) talk happened in the lobby of
    the building where the ISSA meeting was held between a lawyer friend
    and the token outted Fed in the talk over the proposed anti-terroism
    legislation. Things got a little heated and it would have been really
    interesting to have had more time discussing this topic, but our new
    found Fed friend had a prior engagement and things got cut short.
    Well its a reasonably quiet information security news day, enjoy the
    lull, maybe take your staff out for lunch, Sushi anyone?
    William Knowles
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