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    |  LinuxSecurity.com                        Linux Advisory Watch |
    |  October 5th, 2001                        Volume 2, Number 40a |
      Editors:     Dave Wreski                Benjamin Thomas
                   daveat_private     benat_private
    This week, the only vendor to release advisories was Conectiva.  The
    advisories are for mod_auth_pgsql and groff.  Webmasters, if you would
    like to have a dynamic Linux advisory feed on your website we encourage
    you to take advantage of our RDF file.
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    |  mod_auth_pgsql                 | ----------------------------//
    "mod_auth_mysql" is an authentication module for apache which
    authenticates users against a PostgreSQL database. RUS-CERT discovered a
    vulnerability[1][3] in several Apache authentication modules which use SQL
    databases to retrieve user information. This vulnerability allows a remote
    attacker to change the query that the module sends to the SQL server and
    circumvent the authentication process.
     i386: Conectiva 
     Conectiva Vendor Advisory: 
    |  groff                          | ----------------------------//
    Groff is the GNU version of troff, a document processor that ships with
    most Unix systems. Among other functions, it formats system manual pages
    into human-readable form. . ISS X-Force released an advisory[1] about GNU
    Groff utilities reading untrusted commands from the current working
    directory. Unsuspecting users, including root, could be tricked into
    running arbitrary commands on the system.  2. Zenith Parse discovered[2]
    that the pic command (which is used by the printer daemon and others) is
    vulnerable to a format string attack which makes it possible to circumvent
    groff's safe mode and execute commands which would otherwise be disabled.
     i386: Conectiva 
     Conectiva Vendor Advisory: 
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