[ISN] Police Use Helicopter for Doughnut Run

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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 00:36:13 PDT

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    [This has nothing to do with security but gave me a little chuckle
    today, one question comes to mind though. How do you fly an OH-58 for
    only $80 an hour?  :)   - WK]
    Monday October 8, 2001
    ALBUQUERQUE (Reuters) - An Albuquerque policeman and his pilot face
    disciplinary measures after using a police helicopter this week to
    swoop in for a midnight snack of doughnuts, officials said on Friday.
    The officer and the civilian pilot were on night patrol over the city
    in a Kiowa OH-58 helicopter when they landed in a vacant lot next to a
    Krispy Kreme doughnut store around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning.
    ``The contracted pilot and a police officer landed the copter early in
    the morning, ran in and grabbed a dozen, came back out and took off,''
    Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Brian McCutcheon said.
    ``I don't know whose brain child it was, but it's quite an ugly
    child,'' he said.
    McCutcheon said the event was being investigated as a possible misuse
    of city funds as well as for safety reasons, although he added there
    was no specific protocol for this case because it had ever happened
    ``We've been given no reasonable excuse as to why they would even
    think they could do this. But there could be some very serious
    ramifications,'' he said.
    An eyewitness told the Albuquerque Journal that he saw the APD
    helicopter circle the Krispy Kreme and land in a nearby dirt field.
    ``I was angry, and I'm still kind of angry. That's my tax dollars,
    your tax dollars. You've got no business flying in to get doughnuts,''
    said Keith Turner, who works nearby and was taking a smoke break when
    he saw the chopper swoop in,
    The cost to the department of running a Kiowa, including fuel and
    maintenance, is $80 an hour, McCutcheon said.
    A Krispy Kreme employee who asked not to be identified said he didn't
    see why people were making a big deal of the unusual doughnut run.
    ``Cops got to eat, too,'' he said. 
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