[ISN] FC: U.K. firm finds hidden messages that "might" implicate bin Laden

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Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 04:17:50 PDT

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    Subject: FC: U.K. firm finds hidden messages that "might" implicate bin 
    [I'm not sure how seriously I'd take these articles without more facts. 
    Also note that there have been reports -- based on the usual anonymous 
    government sources --  that the Sep. 11 terrorists used encryption 
        War on Terrorism: Scots hunt bin Laden on dark side of web
        by Victoria Masterson
        Published: 00:05, Oct 10, 2001
        Iomart, the communications company, has uncovered coded messages on
        the internet which might be linked to Osama bin Laden.
        The Glasgow firm was called in to help in the war on terrorism by the
        US authorities two days after the 11 September attacks.
        American intelligence officers are now using technology from the Scots
        company to try to unravel the terrorist's sophisticated communications
        The system of encrypting text on the Internet is thought to be used by
        bin Laden and his associates as a means of communication, according to
        In recent weeks, Iomart experts have unearthed hundreds of files, some
        of them containing Arabic text and dates which have been passed on to
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