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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 04:42:01 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    > Forwarded from: Ted Arthur <arcturousat_private>
    > Is there any sort of reporting to verify these 'hundreds of
    > computer networks' which were broken into or the 'thousands of
    > top-secret files' that were swiped? This article reads as if the
    > main concern is the unclass network world wide, not the SIPRNET or
    > even higher classified networks which would be required to contain
    > any top-secret documents.
    Of course not - for a few reasons:
    - to do so would be trying to prove a negative, since the average
      person can't find out what was truly impacted.
    - any formal review of these networks would be embarassing for DoD,
      since it's a very good bet that SIPR and NIPR meet in more than the
      allegedly "100 or so" known points on their network. SIPRnet is
      probably nowhere as SIPR as the DoD thinks it is.
    - admitting specific networks have problems means that someone must be
      held responsible, and we all know that ain't going to happen.
    - admitting specific networks certainly is a security concern, I for
      one would not want to publish "shoot me here" signs to the
      world. This I can agree with, but it's Washington knowledge that
      classifying things is often done more to cover up things and
      maintain political power than for really securing information.
    There were other major network 'events' with DoD and elsewhere that
    I've heard rumors about, but got only a passing glance in the press
    and public. Would not surprise me that this too is being kept under
    wraps, however, given the "Electronic Pearl Harbor" hooey we're
    hearing these days, anything is possible from those in charge!
    PS - Cyberterrorism is not the problem. The problem is uninformed
    policymakers, FUD, placing so-called "Critical Infrastructures" on
    public networks, and using buggy operating systems and software to run
    such public-access "critical infrastructures."  The problem is INSIDE
    US, in the form of vulnerabilities and poor planning, not from an
    EXTERNAL threat of "cyberterrorism." Again, nobody wants to accept
    responsibility for making a real defense here.
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