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Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 01:10:22 PDT

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    OCTOBER 15, 2001 
    MUMBAI: This professor-turned- deputy commissioner of police (DCP) who
    hails from Dehra Dun is still trying to get familiar with the nuances
    of the technical cell she now heads. Just ten days old in the cyber
    crime cell, Archana Tyagi asserts that her previous postings __ in
    sales tax, crime branch control, social service and JAPU __ have been
    equally important and enjoyable. An M. Phil in Russian Studies from
    Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, Ms Tyagi spoke to this newspaper
    about the cyber crime cell and her job. Excerpts:
    How different is a cyber crime cell from a regular police department?
    The cell is a relatively new branch and an officer-oriented one. While
    the other branches have 50 to 100 constables, the number is far less
    here as the job is more technical and mental in nature. Hence,
    officers who have knowledge about computers and an aptitude for the
    same have been chosen.
    What are the issues you intend to address as the new DCP of this cell?
    In this cell, it is very important to keep our people abreast of the
    latest developments in the field of IT. Since problems in this field
    change constantly, it is important to keep track of new technology. Of
    course, all the cases referred to us will be taken to their logical
    How do you plan to do that?
    There are regular training courses, workshops and seminars which our
    officers attend. Besides, they constantly interact with IT experts.
    While training is an ongoing process, the people chosen are those who
    have knowledge about computers. Though these days everyone has
    computer-knowledge, to have a knack for investigation is different,
    especially solving e-crime cases. The National Police Academy too has
    introduced computer courses which are in context with cyber crime.
    Any changes in the cell on the anvil?
    Being an officer-oriented branch, officers with knowledge and aptitude
    for computers can be included to increase the manpower here. But we
    can't have a 1,000-strong force for this branch because we need
    techno-savvy officials and perhaps more equipment.
    Many people are still not aware of the existence of the cyber crime
    cell. As the new DCP do you plan any measures to boost its popularity?
    This is true of anything new. The number of cases being lodged will
    increase with time. Awareness about the cell will increase once people
    start realising the offences that are being committed on the net and
    start making complaints. Popularity is not as important as the fact
    that people come forward to lodge complaints. However, I feel that all
    the people dealing with computers know about the cell and its
    activities because they are in this field.
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