[ISN] Infamous Hacker Becomes CIA Agent?

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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 00:45:15 PDT

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    [Ok, watching 'Alias' is one of my guilty pleasures of the new fall
    lineup, I wonder if Mitnick will end up being a regular? :)  - WK]
    By David M. Ewalt
    Oct. 17, 2001
    Notorious computer hacker Kevin Mitnick has found himself a new gig,
    and the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife: He'll be
    playing a CIA computer expert on an upcoming episode of ABC's spy
    thriller "Alias."
    "It's just hilarious, the idea of playing a CIA agent with my
    history," says Mitnick. "I lived under aliases for years when I was a
    fugitive." Mitnick went underground for three years in the 1990s after
    being accused of breaking into the computer systems of several
    corporations, including Sun Microsystems Inc. and Motorola Inc. The
    law caught up with him in 1995, and he spent almost five years in
    prison. While in jail, his case became a cause celebre, as supporters
    complained that he was unfairly demonized and the government insisted
    he was a dangerous criminal.
    Mitnick will appear in one scene of the Oct. 28 episode of "Alias,"
    playing a CIA agent who has hacked into the network of evil
    organization SD-6. While filming the scene, Mitnick had to act with
    prop computers, since the terms of his supervised release prohibit him
    from possessing or using any kind of computer hardware.
    "I hadn't acted before, and I thought it was a blast," says Mitnick.
    He's even considering pursuing more acting jobs in the future,
    particularly if they're in the same sort of "Mission Impossible"
    genre. His only complaint with the experience: The show's producers
    made him cut his long hair to a more conservative Fed-agent buzz cut.
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