[ISN] Juror's Exposure to Love Bug Story Didn't Warrant New Trial

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Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 11:20:33 PDT

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    Juror's Exposure to 'Love Bug' Story Didn't Warrant New Trial
    [The Legal Intelligencer]
    In a case involving a former employee convicted of planting a 
    computer "time bomb" at Omega Engineering Corp., the 3rd U.S. 
    Circuit Court of Appeals found that a juror's report that she was 
    exposed to media accounts of the "Love Bug" virus during 
    deliberations did not warrant a new trial. The 3rd Circuit found 
    that the Love Bug virus story "would not have had an impact on 
    the hypothetical average juror's vote."
    Marjorie Simmons, Esq.
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