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Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 01:18:53 PDT

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    08:05 Monday 22nd October 2001 
    Arif Mohamed, IT Week   
    Novell moves into the enterprise security market with an announcement
    of a new single sign-on product
    Novell has updated its iChain single sign-on security product as the
    start of a new strategy for enterprise security that it will detail
    this week.
    Novell said it has not traditionally been regarded as a provider of
    security tools, but it hopes to rectify this with iChain 2.0 and
    forthcoming initiatives to support employee access to Web-based
    applications via single sign-on. IChain is designed to sit on Novell's
    eDirectory, the next stage of Novell Directory Services, and IT
    managers will be able to use it to set authentication and access
    privileges via the Net.
    IChain uses Web Single Sign-On, which lets authenticated users log in
    once and access multiple applications, platforms and Internet domains.
    It can also fill in Web forms automatically, from eDirectory, to
    authenticate users for activities such as online procurement.
    Enhancements include customisable log-in pages and authentication
    using multiple identity checks, such as smartcards, tokens and a
    user-name and password combination.
    Lee Howarth, iChain product manager, said, "We're trying to position
    Novell as a key player in security by many (initiatives)." He
    explained that Novell's NetWare network operating system has its own
    public key infrastructure (PKI) security called Nici, and iChain can
    add strong identity management to it. "Companies are realising that a
    simple password isn't enough. IChain is a gatekeeper to the Web
    server, so we don't require anything to be installed on the Web
    server, unlike many other products."
    He added that version 2.0 has benefited from feedback from the
    Ministry of Defence, which implemented version 1.5.
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