[ISN] Kimble & YIHAT Morons Threaten Attrition

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 00:35:24 PDT

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    [When I first read that Kim Schmitz was offering a $10 million reward
    for the capture of Usama bin Laden, I was seriously thinking about
    running over to the Home Depot and mailing Kim a shovel, just to make
    it that much easier for him and his PR machine to shovel the sh*t
    around. From the statement below I see that Kimble has all the shovels
    he needs since Mr. Schmitz & his band of YIHAT hackers are digging
    themselves into a hole that all the backhoes in Europe will not be
    able to rescue them out of.  :)   - William Knowles - 10.23.2001]
    Kimble & YIHAT Morons Threaten Attrition
    Mon Oct 22 20:41:19 MDT 2001
    For those who haven't heard of "Kimble" (aka Kim Schmitz, kimble.org,
    kill.net, YIHAT founder, etc), he is in the limelight again. As usual,
    he is peddling his fraud and lies yet again, this time riding the
    coattails of "anti-terrorism" to make a fast buck and get free media
    In short, this charlatan has created YIHAT (Young Intelligent Hackers
    Against Terror) to supposedly track down terrorists online. The goal
    is to find them, identify them, and h4x0r them so they can't use their
    electronic funds etc. First making news by offering a 10 million
    dollar bounty on Osama Bin Laden, Kimble has now moved on to claiming
    his band of vigilante hackers have broken into banks owned by Bin
    Today, one of the YIHAT monkey's contacted me and told me to "keey an
    eye on" a defacing group known as G-force Pakistan. His reasoning for
    this comment was the claim that Attrition hosted a G-Force Pakistan
    web site, which he referenced as
    Apparently YIHAT and this monkey did not bother to read anything on
    Attrition or take a moment to understand what the Attrition Mirror was
    all about. Instead, they accused of us of harboring or assisting a
    "terrorist cell".
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