[ISN] McAfee.com and eEye Get Secure With Each Other

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Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 00:13:46 PDT

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    By Michael Singer
    October 23, 2001 
    Two network security firms announced a co-branding deal Monday that is
    expected to boost each company's bottom line.
    Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Anti-virus firm McAfee.com (NASDAQ:MCAF) and
    Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based network security software maker eEye Digital
    Security say they are working together to co-brand eEye's SecureIIS.
    In turn, the application firewall designed by eEye to protect
    Microsoft's IIS Web server application will be officially offered
    through the McAfee.com Web site.
    "This partner a comprehensive security offering that protects the
    entry points as well as all the nodes on the network," says eEye COO
    Firas Raouf.
    IIS is bundled with Microsoft's Windows NT, Windows 2000 and the new
    Windows XP operating systems.
    There are approximately eight million servers running IIS as the Web
    server application, making it the second most commonly used
    application for hosting Web sites on the Internet.
    The application has gained notoriety in the last few months through
    the discovery of security vulnerabilities that make Web servers using
    IIS susceptible to attack and penetration by hackers.
    Raouf says that was made evident with the emergence of the Code Red
    Worm, which leveraged one of these vulnerabilities to propagate and
    infect nearly one million making the product an essential utility for
    ensuring the sanctity of Windows NT, 2000 and XP-based servers.
    "McAfee.com allows us to further advance the state of proactive
    security on a larger scale," says Raouf.
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