[ISN] No XP for the Army, I Can See You Too.

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Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 00:46:24 PST

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    Subject: No XP for the Army, I Can See You Too (was Re: IP: Softwar Enews)
    At 10:11 PM -0700 on 10/25/01, softwarsupat_private wrote:
    > Dept. of Defense officials have nixed a large buy
    > of the Microsoft XP operating
    > system and any PCs that have XP installed.  The
    > U.S. military has determined
    > that the online registration of the Microsoft
    > operating system simply gives up
    > too much information about the Defense Dept.
    > computers and software.
    > The move by U.S. law enforcement to ban anonymous
    > Internet Web browsing has had
    > unintended consequences.  Anonymous web browsing
    > was very popular with U.S.
    > intelligence agencies and government military
    > users who did not want others to
    > know exactly what information was being accessed.
    > Although the government may
    > now be able to more easily track U.S. citizens on
    > the Internet - the same is
    > true in reverse.  For example, on Oct. 24 at 5:30
    > pm the Bush White House
    > visited the www.softwar.net website and
    > downloaded information on the China-Gate
    > scandal.
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