Re: [ISN] Commentary: The Threat Of Microsofts .Net

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Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 01:34:02 PST

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    In a vain hope of getting some real talk on digital identity without all the
    ____ANTI MS _____
    rhetoric please be aware its not just
     hailstorm / passport that "threatens digital identity"
    If it really does "threaten digital identity"
    To comment directly :
    "What is the difference? If Microsoft knows everything about
    everyone--and the information being collected by Passport and My
    Services make that look quite likely--the company could still be
    constrained in how it uses that information by laws or corporate
    privacy policies. That presupposes, however, that Microsoft is
    actually in control of the information it has collected."
    As apposed to say VISA/MasterCard/Switch/American Express/ et. al ?
    We seem to trust these?  And yet we signed our rights to the data over to
    these organisms/tions
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