Re: [ISN] Comment: Hacking is not terrorism

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Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 02:10:32 PST

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    << The question is that where we should draw a line between frauds and
    terrorism in hacking.  Should we draw the line at the national
    interest level and ignore our identities (after all, it could be just
    you and me)? >>
    Two of the risks of fraud are that it enables terrorists to operate
    with very effective disguises, and widespread identity fraud can
    seriously erode confidence in the financial services infrastructure.
    Currently about 3.5% of new account openings at US banks have a very
    high likelihood of being made by people perpetrating identity fraud.
    (Test conducted in January this year.) What happens if that number
    becomes 10% or 20%? At the current accelerating growth rate of
    identity fraud, these numbers are on the horizon.
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