[ISN] Ex-Buddhist monk to reclaim hacking from s'kiddiots

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Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 00:02:54 PST

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    By John Leyden
    Posted: 01/11/2001 at 13:10 GMT
    Socially dysfunctional teenagers, disgruntled employees and even the
    Russian Mafia have brought the word 'hacker' into disrepute but the
    application of Buddhism can help turn things around.
    That's the view of ex-Buddhist monk turned chief executive of security
    startup White Hat Technologies, Thubten Comerford.
    "The media has turned `hacker' into a negative word," Comerford told
    his local paper The Denver Business Journal. "Calling all those people
    who cause problems `hackers' is a misnomer - we're actually the good
    Comerford has half a point here. Cracker, rather than hacker, is the
    proper term for those who break into computers and disrupt systems.
    However English is a language defined by its usage (unlike French), so
    we reckon Comerford's attempt to reclaim the word won't get very far.
    White Hat Technologies was created by Comerford after he heard about
    the case of infamous Welsh hacker, Curador (aka Rapheal Gray), who
    caused chaos by setting up a Web site containing credit card details
    obtained from insecure sites.
    Comerford set up White Hat Technologies to channel the talent and
    interest of technically skilled youngsters towards testing the
    security of networks, rather than criminal activity.
    Good, but what we hear you say, has Buddhism got to do with 'hacking'?
    Comerford is keen to enlighten us. Running his penetration testing
    business is more about turning a profit - there's also a spiritual
    "There's a commitment to benefit all beings, for Buddhists. It's
    important to me that this company provides a beneficial service. We're
    not selling something that will cause damage; we help companies be
    more successful," Comerford told the The Denver Business Journal.
    "That way, we avoid generating any negative karma," he added.
    What next, Feng Shui phreaking?
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