[ISN] Governor Warns About Possible Bridge Attack

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 23:57:21 PST

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    [I don't know how the Coronado Bridge in San Diego made the list, I
    guess the terrorists haven't done their homework, or they would know
    that Coronado is the homebase to the Naval Special Warfare Center
    (SEAL Teams One, Three and Five) and frequent the real estate in,
    around, and under the bridge for their training.  - WK]
    By KPIX - Associated Press
    November 01, 2001
    Governor Gray Davis is warning that terrorists may be targeting four
    California bridges for an attack in the next week.
    Law enforcement officials have "credible evidence" that terrorists are
    plotting a rush-hour attack on the bridges. They are the Golden Gate
    Bridge or Bay Bridge, both in San Francisco, the Vincent Thomas Bridge
    at the Port of Los Angeles, or the Coronado Bridge in San Diego.
    Davis says the attacks were planned between Friday and November 9th.
    Security around the bridges has been heightened and involves personnel
    ranging from the U-S Coast Guard to the California Highway Patrol.
    Davis says the best preparation is to let terrorists know that
    we know what they're up to, and we're ready.
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