RE: [ISN] Oracle Chief Challenges Hackers

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Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 02:23:23 PST

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    > means 50 owned machines instead of 1.
    true true... 
    > | LAS VEGAS -- Oracle's top executive told computer hackers on Monday
    > | night that his software is so secure they would never be able to break
    > | into Oracle's Web site, a boast that may be taken by many as a
    > | challenge.
    pride always comes before a fall.
    > | "This is a very dangerous thing to say--I'm not inviting a bunch of
    > | hackers to bring down the Oracle Web site," said Larry Ellison,
    > | Oracle's chair and chief executive officer. "But so far, with more
    > | than 1000 attacks a day, we've had no downtime, no interruption of
    > | service."
    Wow. This suprisingly sounds allot like Antionline, or people who just
    installed an ids system and are just noticing that 'script kiddes have
    scripts and will execute them on anything with an ip'.
    Like we all know it only takes one hacker.
    > | "Everyone at Oracle was very nervous," Ellison said. "We're just going
    > | to cause every hacker around the world to attack the Oracle sites.
    > | They said, Larry, are you crazy?"
    Seems like larry has been hanging around too much ego-centric people.
    On another note...Has anyone read up on the digital hospital both and oracle ( larry ellison ) are building?
    I would be interested in the security approach they are both taking on
    this venture.
    > | Sure enough, the number of hackers trying to bring down Oracle's Web
    > | site has increased tenfold since the company started the campaign, to
    > | 1000 attacks a day, according to Ellison. But his nerve is holding
    > | steady.
    So 900 more script kiddie attacks per day are hitting their site...
    > | "The new version of Oracle is completely fault-tolerant," he said.
    > | "You can't break in."
    Hrm. New version = more code = a greater possibility for error =
    something could go wrong ....
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