Re: [ISN] Paris school offers primer for cyberpirates

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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 22:05:13 PST

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    Forwarded from: "Kitetoa @" <kitetoaat_private>
    This is the bigest crap I've heard in years about so-called "hackers"
    who are nothing more than lame script-kiddies (I would not bet their
    mental age is over 12).
    The magazine (Hackerz voice) is even worse than what Antionline has
    become. The only good papers are the ones which the magazine steals in
    other mags with no permission at all (I can of course prove that).
    Like they did, for instance, with Linux Mag.
    The so called hacking school is bullsh*t. It has one goal: have the
    press talking about the magazine...
    The best FUD operation of the year in France!
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    | In a classroom off a small alley in eastern Paris, a fiery-haired
    | teenager - who goes by the name of Clad Strife - lectures 
    | passionately about such things as the building of a Trojan
    | horse.
    | It's not the deceptive vehicle of Greek legend
    | he's describing, however, but a software tool for 
    | sneaking into computer systems.
    | The curriculum in this new school, called Zi
    | Hackademy, is raising eyebrows in the French capital. 
    | While the academy's organizers say they're just trying to 
    | help people defend themselves by learning the
    | tricks of the hacker's trade, some authorities
    | and computer [.......]
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