Re: [ISN] Infamous hacker group helps the Feds

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Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 23:03:02 PST

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    > By James Middleton 
    > 12-12-2001
    > The controversy, rumours and speculation surrounding the FBI's
    > Magic Lantern tool has attracted ridicule from the internet
    > underground.
    > Not only has one virus writer constructed a piece of malware under
    > the same name, but now infamous hacker group the Cult of the Dead
    > Cow (cDc) has offered a helping hand to the Feds.
    This is interesting when you consider that cDc members have told half
    a dozen journalists their announcement was "satire".
    I can understand Middleton writing this though. Their "satire" shows
    little to no sign of it being humor really. I questioned the
    announcement on another list in which several journalists replied
    saying they had followed up with Fleming, only to verify it was a hoax
    > "We are confident that the government will limit the use of this
    > technology only to targets relevant to legitimate investigations,"
    > he added, further underscoring the cult's faith in federal law
    > enforcement organisations. "The FBI has a long history of
    > following Title 18 to the letter."
    This is the *only* part of the announcement that really stands out as
    possible satire. The title 18 remark. However, some people do believe
    the FBI are 100% law abiding, rule following, model citizens and
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