[ISN] Merry Christmas!

From: William Knowles (wkat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 00:24:41 PST

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    Well here it is, and it it seems like its here faster than last year,
    Christmas Day! and I am sitting here (With CNN on the TV as usual)
    prepping some stories for InfoSec News.
    I'm STILL a terribly hard person to get gifts for, I have lots of neat
    gadgets, oddly there has been no extra large polo shirts from ISN
    subscriber companies & organizations in the mail, but I have plenty of
    books, (Many I have yet to read & review!) I like things I get to be
    practical. (Ti Powerbooks anyone?) Since I couldn't really think of
    any one present I really wanted I have been telling friends and family
    to give to charity.
    A couple of charities that have my attention, and some $$$ are...
    Twin Towers Fund 
    General Post Office 
    P.O. Box 26999 
    New York, NY 10087-6999
    Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    Mines Advisory Group
    The HALO Trust
    Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
    While I do spend a fair amount of time on the military, and .mil 
    addresses only make up for a little under 3% of the list subscribers, 
    They are the ones on the frontline on this new war on terrorism, and 
    don't get half the attention I feel they should be getting.
    John Ellingson <JohnE37179at_private> pointed out in a mail that got
    lost in the ISN mail queue that Adopt-A-Soldier is back in business!
    The "Any Service Member Mail" program is back up and running once
    again, however; due to our country's state from the terrorist attack
    and the threat of anthrax, there are some major changes.
    Instead of sending the items overseas yourselves, you are needing to
    take the items to your local American Red Cross Chapter. You can find
    your local chapter by going to www.redcross.org, in the left column,
    under "Our Services", scroll down to "Find your local Red Cross".  
    Enter your zip code and click on "Find". Your local Chapter
    information should appear (Address, email, phone number). All items
    need to be unwrapped and be ready for inspection, which is done by Red
    Cross staff. Once they are cleared from the inspection, they are ready
    to be mailed overseas. As a safety measure for our deployed troops,
    they are unable to tell us where the items will be mailed, however; we
    can be assured that the items are going to Military Personnel
    While its a little late to send off a care package for the holidays,
    our servicemen and women protecting our nation (and others) the 364
    other days out of the year, would love to recieve anything from home.
    Also being from the Chicagoland area, Ted Arthur would be happy to
    hear that there was a waiting list to adopt sailors from Great Lakes
    Naval Training Center for Christmas.
    As far as my Christmas wishes, Peace on Earth is high on my list,
    while its stretch, I'd be happy with seeing a 25% reduction of
    countries at war with each other.
    I'd like to see all my under-employed and unemployed friends and fans 
    formally working in information security to be too busy to give me the 
    time of day. :)
    Finally, I hope everyone elses hopes, wishes, & dreams come true.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays To You, Your Family, and Friends!
    William Knowles 
    "Communications without intelligence is noise;  Intelligence
    without communications is irrelevant." Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
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